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BWFRP pipes occupied the New York Times square NASDAQ large screen

2019-09-25 17:38:00

Across the Pacific!

On April 8 of local New York time,

Baotong Pipe Industry BWFRP Pipes---TonyXing • Paint the Beautiful World, the image promotion video made a brilliant appearance on the large NASDAQ screen of New York Times Square.

This is “the world’s crossing” to display Chinese manufacturing enterprise and pipe Industry for the first time. 

BWFRP pipes occupied the NASDAQ large screen of U.S. New York Times Square. The international super art master TonyXing acts as the mouthpiece. This is glory of the peer and the proud of the Industry.

The Superstar Artist, TonyXing---“Chinese Baotong pipe Industry” publicity advertisement video is displayed on U.S. New York Times Square today formally.

This is the fifth time for international superstar artist TonyXing to appear on the screen of New York Times Square following 2016 Christmas advertising.

The promotional video played at the same time is for “China Baotong pipe Industry” with international superstar Artist TonyXing as the mouthpiece with the purpose of propagandizing and popularizing excellent domestic products with the help of international popularity and influence of TonyXing.

From April 8, the video is broadcasted cyclically from 06:01:35 to 02:01:35 early in the morning for 21 times every day.

About Baotong pipe Industry

GUANGDONG BAOTONG BWFRP CO., LTD is a new high-tech enterprise that specializes in research and development of new pipe technology and production. The company has always specialized in development and innovation of pipe Industry in about 10 years since its establishment. BWFRP series pipes, the main product of our company, adopt global leading technology and have outstanding performance and draw great oversea and domestic attention. Our company formulates a complete set of BWFRP pipes manufacturing process technology to achieve automatic production in the whole production process of all production lines.

BWFRP pipes: the artwork of pipes

Baotong pipe industry makes commitment to extensive global users: 100% qualified for random inspection of products!

BWFRP pipes: the artwork of pipes

Baotong pipe industry makes commitment to extensive global users: 100% qualified for random inspection of products!

BWFRP pipes have excellent quality and are widely used and won the key promoted project of National Construction Industry by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China.


Baotong pipe Industry keeps innovation and develops continuously and is approved as National High-tech Enterprise and awarded as the Member Unit of China High-Tech Industrialization Association.


BWFRP pipes are widely used in engineering field such as electric power, communication, municipal engineering, ports, airports including international important project “Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macao Bridge project”, etc.

About TonyXing

TonyXing is the originator of international glory painting school, China Dunhuang international image ambassador, art educationalist, the copyright licensee of 32 global international brands and the first global super art star. TonyXing is unique in international painting circle. His international popularity is far higher than domestic popularity. He is a Chinese painter highly praised by U.S. mainstream society and appointed as the “vice Chairman of U.S Culture Art Foundation” due to his prominent art achievement and social prestige. TonyXing devotes himself to exchange of Chinese and foreign cultures while dedicating to combined exploration of oil painting and Chinese painting and is honored as “an artistic messenger spreading peace”. He is the first Chinese person who appeared on New York Times Square and Las Vegas advertising screen.

GUANGDONG BAOTONG BWFRP CO., LTD will keep innovation to improve product quality constantly. At the same time, we will make continuous efforts for benign development of Chinese pipe Industry to create excellent domestic products and strive to create new glory of Chinese pipe Industry!