...Preparation before installation


Technical communication

Check the design drawing in detail, and communicate with the designer to make a reasonable construction plan


Make construction plan

Make construction plan


The preparatory work

Prepare proper specifications of joints/seals and other appropriate fittings


Check the product

Check the product certificate, specification and model before installation


   The trenching must be carried out in strict accordance with design drawings or excavation route guided by project supervisor. It shall not change without obtaining the consent of relevant department.

  • The trench depth should meet the following provisions:

  • A、When buried under road way, the burial depth of the pipe top should not be less than 0.9 meters. 

  • B、When buried under sidewalk, the supporting pipes of the pipeline should not be less than 0.75 meters.

  • C、Under green belt or residential area, the supporting pipes of the pipeline should not be less than 0.6 meters.

  • D、When buried in permanent frozen earth or seasonal frozen earth, the burial depth of the pipe top should be below the frost line.

The trench width is the minimum spacing for pipe connection/foundation construction and operation of backfill. Under general condition, the trench width is 0.8 meters narrower than cement laying trench. This may reduce the excavation workload.

The trench bottom should be flat generally so that the pipe pillows placed on it are flat and not inclined. At places where the earth is loose, pave sand or a layer of plain concrete with thickness of 100mm. If the soil texture is bad, it suggests paving a layer of reinforced concrete bottom plate at the bottom plate of sleeve pipes. The concrete grade is C20.

...Laying steps


Cover both ends of BWFRP pipe to be connected with aprons of the correct size


Insert the tube holder with the sealing ring into the joint


The standard length of the pipe is generally 6 meters, the pipe is equipped with 3 sets of pipe pillows, the distance between the pipe pillows is 2 meters, and the length between the pipe pillows and the joint is 0.5 meters


The length of the pipe can be adjusted by cutting with mechanical tools. The cutting port is perpendicular to the axis of the pipe


When laying the pipe in the ditch, it should be transferred manually. It is forbidden to roll down the ditch


When adopting horizontal directional construction, the included Angle between the pipe and the ground should always be within 12°C (dn≤400mm) and 8°C (dn > 400mm) during the traction process, and the bending radius of the pipe should be less than 4 times the outer diameter of the pipe